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Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law is an area of civil law concerned with providing monetary compensation to victims of accidents or social wrongs. The injured person bringing the lawsuit is called the “plaintiff,” and the person or entity allegedly responsible for the injury is called the “defendant.” In fatal accidents, the family of the decedent may bring a wrongful death suit against the person or entity responsible for the accident.

The objective in a personal injury lawsuit is generally to recover monetary compensation. Personal injury lawsuits may arise out of any situation, including motor vehicle accidents, premises liability, professional malpractice, or nursing home abuse. Most injuries are the result of negligent or reckless conduct, rather than intentional conduct. In most states, a plaintiff claiming negligence will need to prove (1) the defendant’s duty of care, (2) the defendant’s breach of that duty, (3) actual causation, (4) proximate causation, and (5) actual damages.

Under what circumstances can I file a personal injury claim?

Auto accidents, slip and falls on public or private property, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, and injury due to someone else’s negligence are all instances that can result in a claim.

Is there any cost to me to file a personal injury claim?

There are no up front costs to file a claim.  Your attorney will front all costs.  You do not pay anything unless your attorney recovers a settlement for you.

What can I recover for my personal injury claim?

One can recover past and future medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages and diminished future earning capacity, as well as property damage for your vehicle.

What do I need to bring?

You do not need to bring anything for a consultation.  However, the following is a list of things to bring that would be helpful to your case should you have them in your possession.

1) Car damage photos

2) Injury Photos

3) Car Damage Documents

4) Drivers License

6) Police Report

7) Incident Report (This includes a report by the company or entity, if the injury was suffered at or on their property)

8) Auto Insurance Card/Info

9) Declaration Page of you auto insurance policy

10) Names, addresses and contact numbers of doctors, hospitals or medical care providers you visited

11) Any information about the other parties involved in the accident

12) Letters or documents regarding the case from insurance companies or others

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